Articles published in academic journals and chapters in edited volumes.
How Duty to Consult Became a Veto
Ottawa made a promise to the Métis Nation – but they shouldn’t keep it
What the Liberals stand to lose after electoral reform deception
Bending the Curve: Recent Developments in Government Spending on First Natins
The Debate about Metis Aboriginal Rights--Demography, Geography, and History
Incentives, Identity, and the Growth of Canada's Indigenous Population
Seven Habits of Highly Effective First Nations
Resource Revenue Sharing: Property Rights and Economic Incentives
Clarity and Confusion: The New Jurisprudence of Aboriginal Rights
Compensation of First Nations Leaders
Towards a First Nations Governance Index
Brand New Party
Legends of the Calgary School
From Opposition to Government: Party Merger as a Step on the Road to Power
The Wealth of First Nations: An Exploratory Study
The Scientific Method and Why it Matters
A Political Scientist in Public Affairs
Something Blue
Sexual Politics of Louis Riel
Has the Government Turned its Back on Quebec?
Political Communication and the Permanent Campaign
Something Blue: Conservative Organization in an Era of Permanent Campaign
The Emerging Conservative Coalition
The Redford Effect: Stagecraft, Statecraft And Rhetorical Pragmatism
A Canadian Approach to Power-Sharing
Campaign Strategy: Triage and the Concentration of Resources
Friedrich Hayek y la Filosofía de la Humildad
Hold People Accountable for Actions, Not Thoughts
Replacing Allowances for Canada's National Political Parties
Space: Punching Above our Weight
Academia in Politics
Only Voters Have the Right to Decide on the Coalition
Resource Industries and Security Issues in Northern Alberta
The Entrepreneurship Explosion and Aboriginal Property Rights
Across the Medicine Line
Election Campaigns under Canada’s Party Finance Laws
The Canadian Mosaic Revisited
This Coalition Changes Everything
Courting the Fourth Sister
All Votes Are Created Equal In This Country
Pages from the Liberal Handbook
A Conservative Look at the Liberal Arts (book review)
Incremental Conservatism: Mr Harper Goes to Ottawa
Paris vaut Bien une Messe: L’ascension de Stephen Harper au Pouvoir
A Roadmap for Aboriginal Self-Reliance
Customary Land Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
File Sharing on the Internet
Ottawa is Worth a Mass
Solidifying Gains (book review)
Alberta’s Model Economy
Alberta’s Real Constitution: The Natural Resources Transfer Agreement
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves: A Review of Jurisprudence
The Alternative Vote
Comment [on Ronald Wintrobe]
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
Leading From the Right
Database Party: The 2002 Leadership Campaign for the Canadian Alliance
Canada’s Three Constitutions: Protecting, Overturning, and Reversing the Status Quo
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
The Uneasy Case for Uniting the Right
Aboriginal Orthodoxy in Canada
An Exchange (with Alan Cairns)
Flanagan and Cairns on Aboriginal Rights
Flanagan and Cairns on Aboriginal Rights
From Riel to Reform
How to Cooperate and Beat the Liberals
The Alternative Vote
The Donner Prize/Le Prix Donner First Nations: Second Thoughts
Updating the Collected Works of Louis Riel (Appendix)
Three Tips for the CA: Policy, Policy, and Policy
Equal Time on Equalization
Separate Nations or Citizens of One Country?
Aboriginal Title
Are Aboriginals Canadian?
From Reform to the Canadian Alliance
Modernity and the Millennium
Oral Traditions and Treaty 8
Social Science and the Third Age
The Effect Upon Alberta Land Claims
The Importance of the Marshall Descision
Accomodating the New West
An Alternative Vote: An Electoral System for Canada
From Riel to Reform: Understanding Western Canada
Conservative Politics in Canada: Past, Present and Future
Game Theory and Professional Baseball: Mixed Strategy Models
Hugh Richardson
The Alternative Vote: An Electorial System for Canada
The Inherent Problems of Aboriginal Self-Government
The Last Immigrants
An Unworkable Vision of Self-Government
Canada and Quebec: Where are we now?
Our Benign Dictatorship
The Staying Power of the Legislative Status Quo: Collective Choice in Canada's Parliament After Morgentaler
Aboriginal Title
Amending the Canadian Constitution: A Mathematical Analysis
Playing Constitutional Games
Should a Supermajority be Required in a Referendum on Separation
On the Trail of the Massinahican: Louis Riel's Encounter with Theosophy
The Politics of the Millennium
The Reform Party
Invasion from the Right: The Reform Party in the 1993 Canadian Election
Metis Land Grants in Manitoba: A Statistical Study
Native Sovereignty: Does Anyone Really Want An Aboriginal Archipelago
Political Correctness Ottawa Style
Preston Manning and Quebec
A Question of Identity: Canada's Ukranians and Multiculturalsim
Aboriginal land Claims in the Prairie Provinces
Adhesion to Canadian Indian Treaties and the Lubicon Lake Dispute
Introduction to GFG Stanley's the Birth of Western Canada
Louis Riel: Canadian Historical Association Historical Pamphlet
The Lubicon Land Dispute
From Social Credit to Social Conservatism: The Evolution of an Ideology
Louis Riel's Land Claims
Metis Land Claims in Manitoba
Native Peoples and Lockean Philosophy: Land Claims and Self-Government
The Market for Metis Lands in Manitoba
Some Factors Bearing on the Origin of the Lubicon Lake Dispue
The Black Muslims and the Fall of America: An Interpretation Based on the Failure of Prophecy
The History of Metis Aboriginal Rights: Politics, Principle, and Policy
A Reply to Dr Griffin
Individual Treatment
The Agricultural Argument and Original Appropriation: Indian Lands and Political Philosophy
Louis Riel: Insanity and Prophecy
Francisco de Vitoria and the Meaning of Aboriginal Rights
Selection Bias in Human Rights Tribunals: An Exploratory Study
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value: An Historical Note
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value: Some Theoretical Criticisms
Metis Land Claims at St Laurent: Old Arguments and New Evidence
The Third Reich: Origins of a Millenarian Symbol
Comment on Ken Hatt: The North-West Rebellion Scrip Commissions 1885-1889
From Indian to Aboriginal Title
Louis Riel: A Review Essay
Louis Riel: Icon of the Left
Louis Riel: Was He Really Crazy?
Insurance, Human Rights and Equality Rights in Canada: When is Discrimination 'Reasonable'
Louis Riel and the Dispersion of the American Métis
Metis Aboriginal Rights: Some Historical and Contemporary Problems
No Grasp of Social Reality: The Alberta Social Studies Curriculum
Policy-Making by Exegesis: The Abolition of 'Mandatory Retirement' in Manitoba
Riel: 1885 Remembered
Special Issue: The Metis Past and Present
The Manufacture of Minorities
The Sovereignty and Nationhood of Canadian Indians: A Comment on Boldt and Long
Hayek's Concept of Constructivism
Louis Riel and Metis Literature
The Ethics of Book Reviewing
The Future of Retirement in Canadian Universities
The Man Who Couldn't Quote Straigtt: A Response
Louis Riel's Name "David"
Louis Riel and Aboriginal Rights
The Case Against Metis Aboriginal Rights
The Political Thought of Louis Riel
Problems of Psychobiography
The Riel Trial Revisited
A Guide to Louis Riel Papers
Archives An Economic and Political View
Louis Riel Martyr: Madman or Criminal?
F.A. Hayek on Property and Justice
Louis Riel: A Case Study in Involuntary Confinement
Statistical Synopsis of Alberta Provincial Elections
Political Theory of the Red River Resistance: The Declaration of December 8, 1869
The Riel Lunacy Commission
Louis Riel: Insanity and Prophecy
Louis Riel as a Latin Poet
The Mission of Louis Riel
The Religion of Louis Riel
Louis 'David' Riel: Prophet, Priest-king, Infallible Pontiff
Catastrophe and the Millennium: A New View of Louis Riel
Louis Riel's Religious Beliefs: A Letter to Bishop Taché
Stability and Change in Alberta Provincial Elections
A Re-examination of Tenure
Moses Hess: Millenarian Fantasy and the Origins of Zionism
Political Geography and the United Farmers of Alberta
The Concept of Fortuna in Machiavelli
Social Credit in Alberta: A Canadian Cargo Cult?
Machiavelli and History: A Note on the Proemium to Discourses II
The Goldwater Candidacy, Right-Wing Conservatism and the 'Old-Fashioned Americans'
Bending the Curve: Recent Developments in Government Spending on First Nations
Specific Claims and the Well-Being of First Nations