First Nations

How Duty to Consult Became a Veto
Only Parliament can fix Canada's pipeline impasse
Should Indigenous Ancestry Dictate Public Policy?
Community capitalism
Bending the Curve: Recent Developments in Government Spending on First Natins
Incentives, Identity, and the Growth of Canada's Indigenous Population
when First Nations take control of their affairs, they succeed
Child-welfare ruling raises questions about role of rights tribunal
First Nations' right to be consulted not a right to veto energy projects
Seven Habits of Highly Effective First Nations
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Child welfare ruling raises questions about rights tribunal
Evidence-based open government: That should apply to First nations finances, too
Support for UN declaration on native rights may spell trouble for Canada's resource sector
Resource Revenue Sharing: Property Rights and Economic Incentives
The irony of the AFN's call for an anti-Tory vote
Provinces the key to resource-revenue sharing with the First Nations
Clarity and Confusion: The New Jurisprudence of Aboriginal Rights
Compensation of First Nations Leaders
Towards a First Nations Governance Index
Duty to Consult
The Wealth of First Nations: An Exploratory Study
Past Wrongs Can't Always Be Undone
First Nations Don't Have A Pipeline Veto, But They Do Have Options
First Nations Property Rights: Going Beyond the Indian Act
Resource Industries and Security Issues in Northern Alberta
The Entrepreneurship Explosion and Aboriginal Property Rights
Across the Medicine Line
Next Step: More Accountable and Transparent Native Governments
The Worst Choice, Except For All The Others
Land Claims Shouldn't be an Immortal Industry
Natives Risk Derailing Their Own Interests
A Roadmap for Aboriginal Self-Reliance
Property Rights Needed to Elevate First Nations
Customary Land Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
Bring Democracy to Indian Reserves
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves: A Review of Jurisprudence
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
Nault Shows Courage in Taking on Indian Act
Old Wive’s Tales: A Report on Oil Royalties Lawsuit Questions the Reliability of Indian Oral History
The Martyrdom of the Oblates
Aboriginal Orthodoxy in Canada
An Exchange (with Alan Cairns)
Flanagan and Cairns on Aboriginal Rights
Flanagan and Cairns on Aboriginal Rights
The Donner Prize/Le Prix Donner First Nations: Second Thoughts
Property Rights on the Rez
Transcending the B.C. Treaty Process
Unmasking the Warrior Chiefs
One Nation, Deux Nations 633 First Nations
Natives Need Ethos of Personal Property and Accountability
New Reservations: Canadians Must Challenge The `Aboriginal Orthodoxy'
Separate Nations or Citizens of One Country?
Aboriginal Title
Are Aboriginals Canadian?
Oral Traditions and Treaty 8
The Effect Upon Alberta Land Claims
The Importance of the Marshall Descision
We’ve Paid Our Debt to First Nations
Do First Nations Owe the Government?
Sagkeeng Shenanigans
There is a Better Way
Sagkeeng Shenanigans
Nigsa’a, the Sequel: Coming Soon Near You
Comments on Proposed Nigsa’a Treaty
The Inherent Problems of Aboriginal Self-Government
The Last Immigrants
Homes on Native Land
Tactics of the Lubicon
Indian Bands Unwise to Give Public Money to Political Parties
An Unworkable Vision of Self-Government
Killing with Kindness
Treaty Talk Missed The Mark
Universal Truths of Politics and Economics Should Apply
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Vision of Native Self-Government Blind to Reality
Aboriginal Title
Native Sovereignty: Does Anyone Really Want An Aboriginal Archipelago
Can Indians Survive as ‘Cultural Nations’?
Aboriginal land Claims in the Prairie Provinces
Adhesion to Canadian Indian Treaties and the Lubicon Lake Dispute
Introduction to GFG Stanley's the Birth of Western Canada
The Lubicon Land Dispute
Native Peoples and Lockean Philosophy: Land Claims and Self-Government
Some Factors Bearing on the Origin of the Lubicon Lake Dispue
The Agricultural Argument and Original Appropriation: Indian Lands and Political Philosophy
Francisco de Vitoria and the Meaning of Aboriginal Rights
From Indian to Aboriginal Title
Metis Aboriginal Rights: Some Historical and Contemporary Problems
Special Issue: The Metis Past and Present
The Sovereignty and Nationhood of Canadian Indians: A Comment on Boldt and Long
Louis Riel and Aboriginal Rights
The Case Against Metis Aboriginal Rights
Bill C-45 Simply Makes it Easier for First Nations to Lease Land
Why the Native Fixation on Meeting with the Crown?
How First Nations Can Own Their Future
Bending the Curve: Recent Developments in Government Spending on First Nations
Specific Claims and the Well-Being of First Nations