Canadian Politics

How Duty to Consult Became a Veto
Only Parliament can fix Canada's pipeline impasse
Scheer's sunny ways will attract disasppointed Trudeau voters
What the Liberals stand to lose after electoral reform deception
On fundraising, slam Liberals for their morals, not their methods
Child-welfare ruling raises questions about role of rights tribunal
Liberals may be wise to run out the clock on electoral reform
Evidence-based open government: That should apply to First nations finances, too
Support for UN declaration on native rights may spell trouble for Canada's resource sector
Conservatives had the money, but forgot the message
Resource Revenue Sharing: Property Rights and Economic Incentives
The irony of the AFN's call for an anti-Tory vote
How Notley can avoid becoming a one-term wonder
Anothr round of coalition bogeyman
Equalization program a good intention gone bad
Brand New Party
This Is No Way to Choose a Leader
A Senate Referendum: Would Harper Dare?
Should the public sector have the right to strike? NO
Why Harper dug in his heels: That's where the money is
Duffy and Segal: Profiles in courage
Why Ottawa's right to procrastinate on the values charter
Legends of the Calgary School
Knock Down the Barriers to Foreign Mobile Ownership
From Opposition to Government: Party Merger as a Step on the Road to Power
The Wealth of First Nations: An Exploratory Study
House of Lords offers a Plan B for Senate Reform
Will Social Media Change Canadian Politics? Hasn’t Happened Yet
Arctic symbolism, Harper stagecraft
A Political Scientist in Public Affairs
Something Blue
Has the Government Turned its Back on Quebec?
Political Communication and the Permanent Campaign
Why Not Let Quebec Manage its Own EI?
Mulcair, Trudeau, Another NEP: The Threat to Canadian Unity
The Possible Shouldn't Be Confused With The Probable In Elections
Something Blue: Conservative Organization in an Era of Permanent Campaign
The Emerging Conservative Coalition
The Redford Effect: Stagecraft, Statecraft And Rhetorical Pragmatism
Clarifying the Clarity Act
Some Day, The Opposition Will Thank Mr. Harper
We Don't Need a Centre Party to Prevent Political Polarization
Political Parties Need To Go On A Diet
A Canadian Approach to Power-Sharing
Campaign Strategy: Triage and the Concentration of Resources
Replacing Allowances for Canada's National Political Parties
Space: Punching Above our Weight
Pariah Products Will Always Find Their Way
What Obama and the Republicans can do for Canada
Guns and Grow-Ops: Conservatives Should Be Consistent
Should We Just Shut Up And Do What Statistics Canada Tells Us To Do?
Dear Parliament: A Little Power-Sharing Would Go A Long Way
One Election, Three Scenarios
With Smaller Government, There'd Be Less To Squabble Over
Down With Big Government
It's No Time To Be Complacent About Doing Time
The Politics of Budgetary Restraint
Fixing The Red Chamber, Step By Step
Polarization, Ad Hoc Alliances, Fear of Election
Academia in Politics
Only Voters Have the Right to Decide on the Coalition
Resource Industries and Security Issues in Northern Alberta
The Entrepreneurship Explosion and Aboriginal Property Rights
The Limits of Attack Politics
Ignatieff Needs a History Lesson
The Bloom Is Off Stelmach's Conservatives
Intervening Abroad: Do We Have The Means To Match Our Will?
Cut The Subsidy, Then Make It Easier For Parties To Raise Their Own Money
Have The Liberals Gone Soft? Why Are They Upset Over Attack Ads?
Coming To Terms With Minority Government
Time To Right Some Wrongs
Whistling Up The Coalition From The Dead
First Decriminalization, then Plural Marriages
Another Bad Idea: Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value
The New Balance of Power on Parliament Hill
Only Voters Have the Right to Decide on the Coalition
Across the Medicine Line
Election Campaigns under Canada’s Party Finance Laws
The Canadian Mosaic Revisited
This Coalition Changes Everything
Courting the Fourth Sister
Mr. Harper's Canada
The Fragmentation of Our Politics
Jack Layton Is Wagering He Can Elbow The Liberals Out Of The Way
The Grits Won't Die - They'll Just Fade Away
Next Step: More Accountable and Transparent Native Governments
The Worst Choice, Except For All The Others
Grassroots Fundraising is the Next Political Frontier
The Biological and Philosophical Reasons Why We Should Prosecute Polygamy
All Votes Are Created Equal In This Country
Welcome to Alberta's Fiscal Fantasyland
Give All Parents Educational Choice
Don't Hold Your Breath for a Senate Referendum
Pages from the Liberal Handbook
Incremental Conservatism: Mr Harper Goes to Ottawa
Paris vaut Bien une Messe: L’ascension de Stephen Harper au Pouvoir
Why The Liberals Had Better Be Careful If They Want To Force An Election
Dion: A Man Trapped In His Own 'Phony War'
The Mathematics of a Majority Government
Thou Shalt Not Lean Too Far to the Right
It's Time for Conservative Minority Brinksmanship
Harper's Learned the Liberal Art of Managing a Minority
Rebuilding the Senate, One Block at a Time
Family Tax Breaks: Give Credit Where Credit is Due
Liberal Tactics Amount to Constitutional Back-Seat Driving
There's Nothing Wrong with Political Defections
Property Rights Needed to Elevate First Nations
Customary Land Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
File Sharing on the Internet
Ottawa is Worth a Mass
Solidifying Gains (book review)
Bring Democracy to Indian Reserves
Alberta’s Model Economy
Mr Harper’s Road Map to Power
Some Familiar Political Theatre, Alberta-Style
Harper and the N-Word
Solidifying Gains
File-Sharing Is An Asset Not A Problem
For Fair Elections We’re No Mexico
Ottawa is Worth a Mass: Stephen Harper’s Rise to Power
Alberta’s Real Constitution: The Natural Resources Transfer Agreement
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves: A Review of Jurisprudence
The Alternative Vote
Advice to the Right Series: Is Conservatism Dead?
Reform’s Fiscal Prudence, Ethics Reshaped Politics
Dear Editor
Comment [on Ronald Wintrobe]
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
Leading From the Right
Maria Just Needs a Job
Database Party: The 2002 Leadership Campaign for the Canadian Alliance
Database Party: The 2002 Leadership Campaign for the Canadian Alliance
Canada’s Three Constitutions: Protecting, Overturning, and Reversing the Status Quo
Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
The Uneasy Case for Uniting the Right
Nault Shows Courage in Taking on Indian Act
We Need Our Political Shorthand
In Politics, One Size Doesn’t Fit All
The Return of the Ward Heeler
The Right Can Have Purity − and Power
‘Gritlock’ is the Least of Conservative Worries
Old Wive’s Tales: A Report on Oil Royalties Lawsuit Questions the Reliability of Indian Oral History
The Martyrdom of the Oblates
Aboriginal Orthodoxy in Canada
An Exchange (with Alan Cairns)
Flanagan and Cairns on Aboriginal Rights
Flanagan and Cairns on Aboriginal Rights
From Riel to Reform
How to Cooperate and Beat the Liberals
The Alternative Vote
The Donner Prize/Le Prix Donner First Nations: Second Thoughts
Property Rights on the Rez
Transcending the B.C. Treaty Process
Electoral System Isn’t Fair − But What Is?
Political Fantasia At Mont − Tremblant
Waiting for Romanow
Dissidence or Destruction
Three Tips for the CA: Policy, Policy, and Policy
Equal Time on Equalization
How to Cooperate and Beat the Liberals
Democracy, Polygamy and the Sexual Constitution
From Day Dream to Nightmare
Species at Risk − and Ranchers Too
One Nation, Deux Nations 633 First Nations
Women and Other Party Animals
Uniting the Right, Reforming the System
Politics and Pogey
Why Canada is a Kleptocracy
Open Letter to Ralph Klein
Politics Unsettles Libel Settlement
Cooperating With Clark Will Be Death of Alliance
New Reservations: Canadians Must Challenge The `Aboriginal Orthodoxy'
Separate Nations or Citizens of One Country?
Lecture: The Myth of Popular Will
Aboriginal Title
Are Aboriginals Canadian?
From Reform to the Canadian Alliance
Oral Traditions and Treaty 8
The Effect Upon Alberta Land Claims
The Importance of the Marshall Descision
We’ve Paid Our Debt to First Nations
Alberta’s Quest for a Political Pipeline
Manning the Lifeboats
Governing Against the Senate
The Numbers: Is Tom a Long Shot?
Do First Nations Owe the Government?
Stockwell Could Carry the Day
Experimenting in Canada
Direct Democracy: Western Roots, Eastern Fears
Tory Temptation
Taking Stock, Making Choices
Canadian Alliance Metamorphosis
Alliance Tax Policy: Getting it Right
There is a Better Way
Sagkeeng Shenanigans
Life After Reform: Stockwell Day Will Drive The Federal Agenda
From Inertia, A New Understanding
Preston Manning’s New Leaf
Accomodating the New West
An Alternative Vote: An Electoral System for Canada
From Riel to Reform: Understanding Western Canada
Let’s Hear It For Reform
Clark Rolls the Dice in Calgary Centre
Dangerous to Your Health
The Marshall Ruling Puts Western Canada’s Economy in Jeopardy
The Ladies of the Calgary Seven
Man Overboard: Jake Hoeppner’s Ouster Makes it Five and Counting
We Will Always Fight the Blatant Abuse of Speech Rights
Re-founding the Reform Party
Nigsa’a, the Sequel: Coming Soon Near You
Comments on Proposed Nigsa’a Treaty
Conservative Politics in Canada: Past, Present and Future
Hugh Richardson
The Alternative Vote: An Electorial System for Canada
The Inherent Problems of Aboriginal Self-Government
The Last Immigrants
Social Services that Work
To Call Leaders to Account
Do You Want VLT’s? Yes or No?
Homes on Native Land
One Day, We May Elect our Senators
Behold Preston Agonistes
In Praise of Single-Issue Politics
Tactics of the Lubicon
To Protect Property Rights
The Political Power of the West
The Drive to Rehabilitate Louis Riel
The Calgary Declaration in 1998
Ruling Tells Politicians to Solve it Themselves
Indian Bands Unwise to Give Public Money to Political Parties
Crucial Step in Wrong Direction
Reform Needs Coherent Policy
Are We Really Quite Certain We Want to Sanctify Louis Riel
An Unworkable Vision of Self-Government
Canada and Quebec: Where are we now?
Our Benign Dictatorship
The Staying Power of the Legislative Status Quo: Collective Choice in Canada's Parliament After Morgentaler
The Discipline of Answering to Taxpayers
The CPP is Gouging Alberta
Reform at the Rubicon
Killing with Kindness
Treaty Talk Missed The Mark
Dear Premiers…It’s Time to Oppose-Not Appease-Separatism
On the Pathway to Power
Patriot Games
Neo-Cons and the Theo-Cons
Universal Truths of Politics and Economics Should Apply
Aboriginal Title
Amending the Canadian Constitution: A Mathematical Analysis
Playing Constitutional Games
Should a Supermajority be Required in a Referendum on Separation
Preston’s Perks
MPs Flounder in Policy Vacuum: Radical Ideas Fill Void in Reform's Social Policy
The Reform Party
Political Correctness, Ontario Style
How The Clever People Manage our Lives
What if it’s YES?
Leaders Missing Meaning of Vote
Ten Reasons Why It’s Absurd to Call the Reform Part a ‘Failure’
Invasion from the Right: The Reform Party in the 1993 Canadian Election
Native Sovereignty: Does Anyone Really Want An Aboriginal Archipelago
Political Correctness Ottawa Style
Preston Manning and Quebec
Don't Confuse New Biography With History
Can Indians Survive as ‘Cultural Nations’?
A Question of Identity: Canada's Ukranians and Multiculturalsim
Pierre Gives Historians the Familiar Finger
Aboriginal land Claims in the Prairie Provinces
Adhesion to Canadian Indian Treaties and the Lubicon Lake Dispute
Introduction to GFG Stanley's the Birth of Western Canada
Louis Riel: Canadian Historical Association Historical Pamphlet
The Lubicon Land Dispute
Reform Language Policy Aims to be Fair
From Social Credit to Social Conservatism: The Evolution of an Ideology
Native Peoples and Lockean Philosophy: Land Claims and Self-Government
Some Factors Bearing on the Origin of the Lubicon Lake Dispue
The Agricultural Argument and Original Appropriation: Indian Lands and Political Philosophy
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value: An Historical Note
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value: Some Theoretical Criticisms
Comment on Ken Hatt: The North-West Rebellion Scrip Commissions 1885-1889
Insurance, Human Rights and Equality Rights in Canada: When is Discrimination 'Reasonable'
No Grasp of Social Reality: The Alberta Social Studies Curriculum
Policy-Making by Exegesis: The Abolition of 'Mandatory Retirement' in Manitoba
The Sovereignty and Nationhood of Canadian Indians: A Comment on Boldt and Long
Response to 'Petitioning for Peace'
Statistical Synopsis of Alberta Provincial Elections
Political Theory of the Red River Resistance: The Declaration of December 8, 1869
Stability and Change in Alberta Provincial Elections
Political Geography and the United Farmers of Alberta
Social Credit in Alberta: A Canadian Cargo Cult?
Say Yes to CNOOC, then Sort Out ‘Net Benefit’
‘Cosmic Justice’ for the Métis, but then what?
Organized Labour is Now a Super PAC
Tom Flanagan: Deficit and Debt Fighters of Today Should Learn From Ralph Klein
Why the Native Fixation on Meeting with the Crown?
Fiscal Foundations of Alberta’s One-Party State
To Connect the Pipeline, Connect the Dots
Abolishing Political Subsidies Is An Incomplete Resolution
Beware Ottawa Bearing Gifts: Classic Federalism Is Back
The Best Seats in the House