Chapters from Edited Volumes

Campaign Strategy: Triage and the Concentration of Resources
Across the Medicine Line
Election Campaigns under Canada’s Party Finance Laws
Customary Land Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves
Alberta’s Real Constitution: The Natural Resources Transfer Agreement
The Alternative Vote
Comment [on Ronald Wintrobe]
Canada’s Three Constitutions: Protecting, Overturning, and Reversing the Status Quo
Aboriginal Orthodoxy in Canada
How to Cooperate and Beat the Liberals
Updating the Collected Works of Louis Riel (Appendix)
Aboriginal Title
From Reform to the Canadian Alliance
Modernity and the Millennium
Social Science and the Third Age
The Effect Upon Alberta Land Claims
An Alternative Vote: An Electoral System for Canada
Conservative Politics in Canada: Past, Present and Future
Hugh Richardson
The Inherent Problems of Aboriginal Self-Government
Canada and Quebec: Where are we now?
Aboriginal Title
Should a Supermajority be Required in a Referendum on Separation
The Reform Party
A Question of Identity: Canada's Ukranians and Multiculturalsim
Aboriginal land Claims in the Prairie Provinces
Introduction to GFG Stanley's the Birth of Western Canada
The Lubicon Land Dispute
Metis Land Claims in Manitoba
Native Peoples and Lockean Philosophy: Land Claims and Self-Government
Louis Riel: Insanity and Prophecy
Comment on Ken Hatt: The North-West Rebellion Scrip Commissions 1885-1889
From Indian to Aboriginal Title
Louis Riel: Was He Really Crazy?
Metis Aboriginal Rights: Some Historical and Contemporary Problems
The Manufacture of Minorities
Hayek's Concept of Constructivism
Louis Riel's Name "David"
The Political Thought of Louis Riel
Political Geography and the United Farmers of Alberta