Louis Riel

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Sexual Politics of Louis Riel
Did Louis Riel Deserve to Hang?
From Riel to Reform
Updating the Collected Works of Louis Riel (Appendix)
Lecture: The Myth of Popular Will
From Riel to Reform: Understanding Western Canada
The Drive to Rehabilitate Louis Riel
Are We Really Quite Certain We Want to Sanctify Louis Riel
On the Trail of the Massinahican: Louis Riel's Encounter with Theosophy
Don't Confuse New Biography With History
Introduction to GFG Stanley's the Birth of Western Canada
Louis Riel: Canadian Historical Association Historical Pamphlet
Louis Riel's Land Claims
Louis Riel: Insanity and Prophecy
Louis Riel: A Review Essay
Louis Riel: Icon of the Left
Louis Riel: Was He Really Crazy?
Louis Riel and the Dispersion of the American Métis
Riel: 1885 Remembered
Louis Riel and Metis Literature
The Man Who Couldn't Quote Straigtt: A Response
Louis Riel's Name "David"
Louis Riel and Aboriginal Rights
The Political Thought of Louis Riel
The Riel Trial Revisited
A Guide to Louis Riel Papers
Louis Riel Martyr: Madman or Criminal?
Louis Riel: A Case Study in Involuntary Confinement
Political Theory of the Red River Resistance: The Declaration of December 8, 1869
The Riel Lunacy Commission
Louis Riel: Insanity and Prophecy
Louis Riel as a Latin Poet
The Mission of Louis Riel
The Religion of Louis Riel
Louis 'David' Riel: Prophet, Priest-king, Infallible Pontiff
Catastrophe and the Millennium: A New View of Louis Riel
Louis Riel's Religious Beliefs: A Letter to Bishop Taché